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Coalition for West Papua liberation formed

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DailyPost Administrator posted on April 25, 2008 08:15

The leaders from 28 West Papuan political organizations and mass movements who met in Port Vila, Vanuatu from 30 March to 10 April 2008 finally established the long awaited united body called West Papua National Coalition For Liberation (WPNCL).

The Coalition elected General Richard Yoweni of OPM/TPN (OPM Military Arm) as Chairman, Dr. John Otto Ondawame as Vice Chairman and Mr Rex Rumakiek as the Secretary General.

The Secretariat of the WPNCL will be based at the West Papuan Peoples Representative Office in Port Vila.

This united body will soon produce its strategic plan with national and international programs to consistently pursue activities to end Indonesian occupation, colonialism and the pillage of West Papuan natural resources.

The Coalition will also appoint a number of Representative Missions to implement its programs.

The establishment of this coalition will lay to rest the concerns about disunity within the West Papuan struggle for self determination and independence.

During its deliberations the Coalition had adopted a position on how to with Indonesia. The reality up to now is that it was the West Papuans who regardless of their long suffering through colonial violence and injustices sought peaceful dialogue. But instead of dialogue Indonesia responded with more violence and human right abuses. Even the Special Autonomy thought to be the only option for Indonesia to earn respect by the Papuans and the international community had been systematically undermined by the creation of more Provinces. This blatant colonial policy of divide and rule will only serve to create more conflict and delayed any meaningful effort to improve social and economic conditions in the country.

The Coalition will continue to seek international solution but keep an open mind on dialogue with Indonesia. Consistent with the on going international campaigns WPNCL will seek Observer Status with the Melanesian Spearhead Group and the Pacific Islands Forum. The Coalition will also continue to lobby for the rectification of the so called Act of Free Choice of 1969 and re-inscription of West Papua on UN Decolonization Committee in order for it to be given the due process of self determination.

The delegates had now returned safely to West Papua [Indonesian New Guinea] and requested WPNCL Secretariat to convey publicly their heartfelt thanks and appreciation to the Government, Political Parties, Chiefs, Churches, NGOs and the people o Vanuatu for their continued support for the West Papuan people’s struggle for self determination and independence.

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