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Rest in Peace Master General

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By Basil Triharyanto

“He (Kelly) to fight poverty in the middle of the forest with cold air, not in luxury hotels.”

Mgr. John Philip Sakli Pr, Bishop of the Diocese of Timika Keletus Kelly Kulalok Kwalik, the people of Papua call The General Kelly Kwalik, lying in a coffin after her body pierced bullets from the guns of the combined armies of the TNI and the Police Indonesia. On Tuesday afternoon (22/12), seven days after being shot, hundreds of Papuans last delivered to the cemetery in Timika Beautiful with deep sorrow.

Who was The General Kelly Kwalik? Why is he so respected by the people of Papua? How the future of Papua after death Master General? How the values of the struggle of a General Kelly Kwalik Papua inspire the next struggle? This figure Master-General of the struggle until the end of his life.

Master-General was born in the Valley JILA, Timika, in 1955. Date and month his birth is unknown because no one wrote it down at that time. Derived from Amungme, a tribe that lived in the mountains, the region and gold mining operations of PT Freeport copper. That’s why, he knows and the events witnessed by the violence and injustice for PT Freeport standing. Since childhood, Master General of life as children other Papua. Completing primary school in the district Agimuka, continue to rank Junior High School (SMP) in Kokonau. In junior high it was not finished.

Then, in 1973 continuing education to the Lower School Teachers (SGB), now known as SPG / High School (School of Teacher Education / Secondary General) Education Foundation and the Catholic Persekolahan Wamena Taruna Bakti Jayapura. SGB completed in 1974. Beginning in January 1975, returned to the district Agimuka, and did not continue into the Upper School Teacher (SGA). There lives become a teacher for a year.

In December 1976, he joined the Victoria Headquarters Waris Keerom District, Cabinet Revolutionary Government on July 1, 1971 Under the leadership of Zet Rumkorem and Jacob Pray. Since then, he was alive and struggling in the wilderness for decades. He never walked feet more than five months with the army, Wamena route, Ilaga and came to the land Amungsa Timika, Victoria Headquarters Heir to appointed and confirmed as Deputy Commander KODAP (Regional Commander War) III (1975-1979) with Boniface KODAP Commander III Niwilinggame Timika Nemangki with commanders of the KODAP seven others. He later served as Commander of the year III KODAP 1980 to 2007 and the last into Liberation Army Commander West Papua national / Free Papua Movement (TPN-PB/OPM).

In 1977, the Indonesian military operations in the District of Agimuka until the Amungme inland. In the same year, the Indonesian military also made to the District Mining operations and areas Central Mountains. Since then, her struggle even harder because Papuans who witnessed many of the victims of military operations and many residents who fled and lived in the forest because of threatened life and death caused by lack of food and drugs.

In that situation, he can not keep quiet. He led the protests and actions open resistance to the military and PT Freeport Indonesia, which is cutting action of copper pipe flowing stream of Gresbert Tembagapura to the port of Port Sait. He boldly cast a formal letter to the Indonesian military leadership, whose contents proposed location and time of war to avoid casualties to civilians. However, the letter was rejected and the victim fell.

Gen. Kelly Kwalik name came to national and international level after holding the Lorentz ’95 Expedition Team in the year Mapenduma 1996. Lorentz ’95 Expedition team, the researchers from the Biological Science Club National University of Jakarta and Emmanuel College, Cambridge University, England. They were held hostage for about six months in the forest for the world to recognize the independence of West Papua.

General Kelly Kwalik figure was later identified by witness a researcher who was released, in a book Hostage: Day 130 trapped in Mapnduma (Pustaka Sinar Harapan, 1997). The author Ray Rizal and Nina Pane, Saraswati tells Arimbi Lives testimony of life and living in the camp of Gen. Kelly’s hideout Kwalik and TPN-PB/OPM members. Arimbi narrative, revealing the figure of Kelly Kwalik with personal character and uniqueness. Not only was impressed frightening figure, but the full General the authority and sometimes says smartness of private investigators.

After the standoff was over, General Kelly Kwalik target Indonesian military operations. In fact, regarded as the main actor a number of shootings and violence in Papua, especially in the area of PT Freeport, Timika.

Like the shooting of two teachers American citizens in the Mile 62-63 in 2002, he was accused of being actor behind the incident, but he rejected the charges and declared is not responsible for the shooting incident. Then in July 2009, a controversial figure in the events Australians shootings and several civilians in the area of concessions PT. Freeport. Inspector FX Good Ekodanto, Papua police chief that time, met with General Kelly Kwalik and the outcome of the meeting revealed that Gen. Kelly Kwalik not the culprit. But when the seminar held by the Indonesian Youth National Committee (KNPI), Regional Commander Paradise XII material delivered at the seminar said that General Kelly Kwalik who become perpetrators of the shooting. And the shooting in October 2009 occurred for the last time this year in the mining area of PT Freeport.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009, at the time of Papua 03.00, General Kelly Kwalik killed about four bullets pierced by Tim Densus 88. At that time, General Kelly Kwalik in a weak condition. In a few months Finally, General Kelly Kwalik actually going through the process of treatment. When he was ambushed, he was in a house residents and accompanied by some civilians, who have such relatives, namely the Solin she was pregnant and her husband Yohanis Kibak, Steve Mom, Jack’s Mom, and Marhen Kwalik.

Meeting before the Christmas holiday is the last time for General Kelly Kwalik. Her death had a deep wound inscribe for the people of Papua. The bell of happiness this Christmas be a bell death of a great and respected leader who was known to be humanist and courageous fight for justice in the land of Papua. Bishop Diocese of Timika, Jayapura, Mgr. Philip Saklil in front of the body Pr recite the prayer and testimony, “He (Kelly) struggle poverty in the middle of the forest with cold air, not in star hotels “(Koran Tempo, December 22, 2009). According to Bishop Philip Saklil, for 30 years Kelly remained consistent commitment to fight against injustice and deprivation of rights Papuans.

For the people of Papua, the death of Master-General was carved back memoria Passionist (memory of suffering) for the nation of Papua. During the in struggle, General Kelly Kwalik reveal a prayer to Papua activists of a young man who is very close to him. This prayer is also to deliver to the nature of eternity in peace. A Papua activists were written expressions of prayer General Kelly Kwalik such as: During my 34 years to survive in the wilderness, I climbed the hill-mountain; I go through the valley, swamp; I crossed once, lakes, rivers and the sea, I scorching heat resistant skin burns though, my cold and frozen bear my body because of the snow lasting legacy of my ancestors just because a determination, die, for the sake of justice, truth, love and peace in the land of my ancestors.

Now I cry and pray before I expire later my spirit “My Lord take away all the gold, copper, oil, gas, fish, all plants and animals that make this island became rich. Give INDEPENDENCE our rights back it. These people need all of them that you put on this earth, but all this stuff is not that ever, is or will ask to you. Take away everything from the ground to the land they own and give us what we ask from yesterday, today, until tomorrow as well if necessary.

May this prayer be heard by the nation and the Indonesian government, for life is peaceful and quiet in the land of Papua. Good road warrior justice.

Good-bye Mr. General. Stay in Peace, Rest in Peace!

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